Technology:                        20+ years

  • Data analysis and analytics using SQL Server, create custom algorithms
  • Setup Networking and advise in network
  • Provide security reviews, PEN testing, Vulnerability Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Implementation assistance

Business Consulting:       20 + years

  • Act as conduit with Technology and Business units
  • Workflow design and review
  • IT Director, CTO, CIO assistance

Audit\Compliance:         13 years

  • Provide Technology Consulting, Fraud and HIPAA Compliance services.
  • Work with companies to become and remain compliant with regulatory requirements
  • Provide audit and security services to clients that best fit their culture and structure
  • Setup programs so companies can maintain security and compliance on an ongoing basis
  • Develop Policies and Procedures for companies and provide guidance to maintain requirements
  • Prepare companies for SOC audit
  • Provide Technical expertise for SOC Audits

Fraud                                    10 years

  • Perform Fraud Examinations
  • Litigation Support
  • Consulting for Fraud prevention

Litigation Support            10 years

  • Research multiple solutions
  • Different views of data and effects
  • Utilize data analytics to process large datasets