Outsourced Services

Greenbrier Services, LLC offers services to other service firms for expertise they may not have or to augment staff during busy periods. There are times when there is an independence issue with a client, GBS can assist in these situations as it is an independent firm that does not provide services the referral firm does.

Greenbrier Services, LLC can represent as an employee of the firm if this is in the best interest of the contracting firm.


  • Financial Audits
    • Technical Assistance
    • Data Review
  • SOC Audits
    • Assist clients to become prepared for SOC Audit
      • No conflict if GBS does the policies etc. to prepare
    • Technical Expertise
      • Technical portions of SOC II
  • Compliance
    • Assist clients in compliance needs
    • Write and assist with Policies and Procedures


  • Vulnerability Scans and PEN Testing
    • Report can be from contracting firm or GBS
  • Cybersecurity
    • Procedures
    • Social Engineering
  • Assistance with software selection and implementation
    • Best to have a company representative to interface with technical staff
  • Data Analysis
    • Review information from audits
    • Provide custom data views for better decision making

Business Consulting

  • Contract CIO/CTO
    • Expertise may not be needed full time
    • More than just at annual audit
  • Interface between business and technology
    • Sometimes a disconnect can create tension and hold up progress


  • Fraud reviews as contracting firm or GBS
    • Fraud and Audit are not same
  • Forensic accounting

Litigation Support

  • Technical Assistance
    • Provide technical expertise

Data Analytics

  • Run data multiple processes
    • Interpret large data sets